Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop 10ml

Whether you have conjunctivitis or any other eye problem, the Divya Drishti Eye Drops offers unmatched nourishment to your eyes. It helps you get proper vision and is also useful for an eye injury. What’s more, if you are involved in a job that causes eye strain, the Divya Drishti Eye Drops offer relief to your eyes by relaxing the muscles. Furthermore, if you had an eye surgery, the drops are useful in reducing eye pain as well.

The benefits

These Netra Jyoti eye drops are a brilliant natural cure for straining eyes. Take a look at some of the benefits of using these eye drops –

  • Helps in the treatment of eye infections
  • Reduces watering of eyes
  • Improves vision and eyesight
  • Promotes a healthy functioning of eyes
  • Offers the necessary nutrition to your eyes
  • Provides nourishment to cells in the eyes
  • Prevents various eye diseases